Who is the FFC?

Who is the Club? What do we do? How can we support you?

Who is the Club for?

We are open to women of all ages interested in birds of prey and active in all areas of falconry. This includes hunting, display flying, education, breeding birds of prey and raptor conservation.

We also really welcome those women who are completely new to falconry, and are interested in learning more about working with birds of prey.

Why was the Club established?

The Club was formed to connect female falconers across the UK. As well as having a large online community and network, we run events and field meets that are inclusive to all skill levels, and can be accessed by all ages and abilities.

The Club allows us to share our passion for our falconry birds, the countryside and the future of wild raptors worldwide. We want to promote good practice in the sport - through shared learning, education and support, and encourage new generations to keep the sport and tradition of falconry alive. We offer falconry training and advice with the opportunity to meet potential local mentors.

The club is here to

Celebrate and encourage women within falconry

Join us now!