About our events

Connect & Learn

One of the main advantages of becoming a member is being able to attend a wide variety of training events, socials and field meets throughout the year.

Where to start:


An excellent opportunity for novice members to learn about wha they will need to consider when acquiring their own raptor.

There is plenty of chance to ask questions and learn some basic falconry skills throughout the day.


A chance to meet up with other falconers in your region to share expereinces and ask questions.

Usually a very casual evening at a pub with food and social time.

Womens' Falconry Weekend

Our annual autumn gathering to celebrate the hard work and skills of women across the UK who work with a range of birds of prey.

On-site accommodation available, with an exciting program of informative talks, practical demos, free flying birds and a chance to socialise.

Adventure further:

Newcomers Field Meets

Held at different locations across the UK - organised especially for those who haven't attended a field meet before.

A chance to learn about everything involved at a field meet including etiquette and safety, safe bird handling, slip order, responsible dispatch of quarry, lost birds and more! There's also opportunity to hunt your own birds.


The vast combination of interests and knowledge in the club means you have the chance to find a mentor to guide you as you begin to work with raptors.

Our private facebook also has a wealth of information and advice available at your fingertips. The club provides a supportive community of peer support.

Field Meets

Take to the field with your bird on your fist, in the company of likeminded women. With field meets to suit shortwings, broadwings and longwings - there is something for everyone.

From rolling hills to extensive farmland and rugged mountain terrain there is a wide range of land and quarry to explore.

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