Members Area

Your Public Liability Insurance Policy

Your copy of your public liability policy provided by the Club.

You can use this when flying your bird on private permissions or when you attend club events. Fly without fear!

This cannot be used for commercial activities with birds.

Contact Our Committee

Chair: Amy Wallace
General Secretary: Barbara Royle
Membership Secretary: Gemma Louise
Events Coordinator: Gwen Smyth
Treasurer: Angela Bigwood

Other committee members:
Jordanna Kane, Jo Earle, Abi Harries, Klair Wellings

Club Constitution

As a member you agree to uphold our constitution. Please read through so that you may full understand what the Club is about.


Borrow falconry books to further your learning - posted to your door. All kindly donated to the Club.

Hunting Seasons

A full list of the hunting seasons for quarry in the UK.